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What Does "Embellished" Mean?

Our artist, Kabriah Asha, enhances each limited edition print by meticulously hand painting crucial elements of the print with a specialized adhesive to delicately apply gold, silver, and copper metal leaf. This transformative technique imbues each piece with an undeniable vibrancy that radiates incessantly, ensuring a everlasting glow.

Embellished Prints

Hand Embellishing Manyoya Tajiri

  • EDEN - Embellished Print

    "I have no idea where she's going, but I feel so blessed to have her. THANK YOU, Kabriah Asha for blessing me with your last of the limited EDEN. When I first saw her on the cover of Designers Today magazine, I had to have her! Your work is remarkable, inspiring and timeless. I'm so grateful to experience it and adorn my home with her beauty."

  • MANYOYA KIFALME - Embellished Print

    "She has been opened! No words 😍 So excited to get her framed and up in our new home!!"

  • EDEN - Embellished Print

    "I thought I loved it when I saw it online but I can't stop staring at it. I'm absolutely over the moon. You're an amazing talent sis. Thank you!"